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    Hello truckers!

    Are you ready for a new and exciting feature here at TruckersMP?

    For a long time now people have been planning trips with friends and there has always been one recurring problem, you can never find the same job! Well, we now have a solution to that, introducing the Truck Job Dispatcher.

    The dispatcher does a very simple thing, it creates jobs. An entirely new system has been introduced with an interesting and helpful user interface that explains all the basics, you can select your starting company and a specific cargo to carry and you can then share this job publicly, privately or directly with your Steam friends.

    This introduces a whole new way to drive around the map with your friends and you will never have to worry about not having the same job ever again.

    You can find this new feature by opening your TAB menu and clicking your right mouse button, then you can navigate to a newly added button in the bottom left.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Will this be available for both games?

    Yes, definitely, this new feature will work in both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, as well as with the ProMods and ProMods Canada map modifications.

    How will this work with DLCs?

    If you do not have a certain DLC, such as the Heavy Cargo Pack, then the cargos and trailers from this DLC will not be accessible to you and they will not show in the listings.

    How does it add a job to my game?

    Quite simply, you will open the Truck Job Dispatcher via the Tab menu and configure the job to your liking, then you will be able to go through some checkboxes to either start the job immediately or to navigate to the company that you have selected. After selecting how you want to collect your new job you will then hit the create button and you will be all ready to hit the road.

    Check out the new additions to our Context Menu and the Job Dispatcher icon on the TAB menu:

    How do I invite someone to take a job with me?

    When you have a job from the dispatcher you can then right-click on someone’s username in the Tab menu and invite them to take a job with you, the user you invite will then have the opportunity to accept or decline this offer in chat, a prompt will be sent to them explaining what to do.

    We hope that you enjoy this new feature and have fun travelling with the same cargo as your fellow truckers!

    If you would like to see the Truck Job Dispatcher in action and find out more about how it works, then check out the most recent video on our YouTube channel here!

    TruckersMP Team

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    You can find all the TruckersMP Team's staff changes in this topic, which is constantly updated by the respective management. 


  3. Dear Truckers,

    As you probably know, the official multiplayer (known as Convoy) is already here.

    Convoy is a great multiplayer game, though it is completely different from TruckersMP. Both multiplayers have their pros and cons, but at least TruckersMP gives you an alternative.

    For 7 years, TruckersMP most of the time was a part-time job (or more like hobby) for me. Usually done at night.

    In 2018 I had the opportunity to work for TruckersMP full-time for 6 months. Progress then was significant, but back then we had revenue only from Google Adsense and we could not afford investing into server infrastructure or even working full-time for a longer time. That is why I decided to join CD PROJEKT RED in the beginning of 2019. Of course it was also a pleasure for me to work on Cyberpunk 2077!

    As you may suspect, after this move I had much less time for TruckersMP. Again it started to be work done at night, I would say - hard crunch mode.

    We started our Patreon campaign in October 2019 and it showed me very quickly that the community wants more from this project. But at that time Cyberpunk 2077 was not even released, not speaking about patches. I could not leave my team there, so I decided to stay until the game was released along with patches. And now the time has come. I am currently on notice period, and starting from August I will have a chance to work on TruckersMP full-time again! It was only possible because of your support via Patreon! But I am still an enthusiast who wants to make this game the best.

    As you know, TruckersMP has its issues. We all know these issues:

    • trolling
    • missing gameplay features (e.g. economy)
    • low quality
    • a lot of bugs
    • lack of VTC support in the game
    • long waiting for support of new game version
    • missing synchronization (e.g. weather, AI vehicles)

    But TruckersMP also has a lot of potential, but we really use only a little part of this potential at this moment.

    TruckersMP still is in its Open Alpha stage, version 0.2. We want more though. We would like to bring Open Beta 1.0.

    It is not just a version name change in code though. We need to address the issues above and fix them. Do not expect one very big patch which we will be working on for 2 years. This does not make any sense and most likely we would fail. Instead expect many small patches which will eventually lead us to the game we will be proud to call Beta 1.0. Do not think this will come in just one month. For that we might need a year or two.

    In the meantime we found a very talented person - ShawnCZek. For sure you know him from the features he brought so far to the game. But also Smoky turned out to be a very good game producer, as he makes sure we are heading in a good direction.

    Within the game development team we are motivated like never before. Our heads are full of ideas, we just need time and your support! Do not hesitate to give us your feedback, what you like, what you don't like. We will be hearing suggestions more than ever before.

    In the coming months we will focus the most on the technology aspect. We need to improve our tools for supporting the new game versions to make the whole process shorter and more efficient. We need to bring a new replication framework which will improve the quality of synchronization and will fix a few bugs related to it. This should also be easier to add new synchronized stuff to the game. In the future it should also make it possible to bring AI-driven vehicles to TruckersMP. Problem with trolling will be mitigated with the “Global Report System” - reports from the game will be centralized. It will be easier to review bans, moderation of the game will be shortened to handle capacity of our game servers. In the meantime we are planning to talk about bus-related matters with another instance in the community. More details about all of this soon! For now we are hard working on supporting the 1.41 game version, which should come closer to the end of month.

    From the community perspective it is better to have two multiplayers. You can always play alternative mode. Looking at complexity and dose of luck I would say that it is very unlikely that similar modification will be created in the future. Such an opportunity might never come again.

    Kind regards,
    Game Developer

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    Just over two weeks ago, version 1.41 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator was released. Over these two weeks, our game developers have been working hard on porting our multiplayer client from version 1.40 to 1.41.

    We are all very excited to announce that TruckersMP is now compatible with version 1.41!


    You can also view information on this update via our changelog forum topic: Released - Development Announcements - TruckersMP Forum

    What does this compatibility update include?

    In anticipation of some popular questions, we have outlined what is included in our compatibility update, below:

    • Euro Truck Simulator 2 version (64-bit) compatibility.
    • American Truck Simulator version (64-bit) compatibility.
    • ProMods Europe v2.56 support for 'ProMods' and 'ProMods Arcade' game servers.
    • ProMods Canada v1.0.2 support for all American Truck Simulator game servers.
    • World of Trucks 'Idaho Spuds' event support, including the associated cabin accessories rewards.
    • Support for the latest version of New Summer Graphics/Weather modification (1.41 compatibility).

    Of course, if you have a question this blog didn't answer, please feel welcome to post it on our forum topic! We will answer them at our earliest convenience.

    Thank you to everyone for your patience over the last two weeks.

    Happy trucking!

    -TruckersMP Team

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  5. Hello,


    We recently had our 7th anniversary, which has been a blast. We thank every single one of you who has been here with us the past years or recently joined.


    I have planned 2021 to be the year of major changes. The year where we will focus on changing how TruckersMP works (internally) and providing certain highly-requested features to you. Maybe you remember that we had our 2020 Christmas video where I appeared at the end of the video showing multiple pictures in the back. People quickly started decoding the top image and found out what it meant.


    With this post, I am officially confirming that TruckersMP succeeded in making some major plans come true, thanks to you as the community and our staff team. I want to thank our Patrons in particular because they are the main ones who made it possible for us to have someone working full-time for TruckersMP. Starting July 2021, our Game Developer ShawnCZek will be the first person working for TruckersMP. Our dream is to have more people working full-time on the project, so we can provide better and more game and website-related features to you.


    To achieve this dream we mainly depend on the money coming from our Patrons. Last year, we were able to set money aside to achieve the first step of our dream. It is important to maintain the current income to achieve the second step of our dream, which is employing a second Game Developer. We hope to achieve this second step later this year. In 2022, we want to continue this path and employ at least one web developer as well, so we have multiple people who can create and maintain features daily.

    This being said, the Patreon campaign goals have been updated to the current situation and to what would be required to achieve the next steps.


    What else was visible on the image in the Christmas video?



    Bottom left picture: A lot of people instantly figured out this shape looks like a bus, which is indeed true. With our Alternating Vehicles, we made it possible that you will be able to drive a bus now and then. But, there is more! Hopefully later this year, you will find out more information regarding this.

    Bottom middle picture: This image is referring to a unique major event later this year, stay tuned for that!


    Bottom right picture: You can see a blurry shape of a trailer. It is referring to a custom TruckersMP trailer built from scratch. It will have a lot of customisation options. There will also be additional customisation options for Patrons.




    What are the plans for the project and the Patreon campaign?


    Over the past years, TruckersMP has grown continuously and we are slowly approaching 4.5 million accounts! Getting more players means we need to get more staff.

    In February, 885 of you applied for a position as Game Moderator. 7% of those were invited to an interview and we ended up welcoming a total of 30 new Game Moderation Trainees to our team!

    An increase of people in the community and staff means that more people want to express their opinions and provide their wish to get certain new features. We love that you share with us how you feel and what you would like to see in the project.

    As mentioned above, the Patreon campaign is essential for us to achieve our dreams. We will not solely focus on our Patrons alone, that would be a big shame. Though it needs to be mentioned that if we want to grow and if we want to bring everything that is planned, we will need to pay people... and that means money is required. At the moment of writing this post, no one in TruckersMP is paid to work for TruckersMP. Every developer, manager and team member does their tasks mostly alongside school/work/...

    To be completely transparent with the community, I will be sharing the number of tasks that are currently waiting to be completed by Developers. This does not include all the 'accepted' suggestions, it includes feature requests submitted by staff members and community, minor and major tasks that are planned for years, and similar. The amount is 207 tasks. We hope to complete the majority of these tasks this year, which would mean that a long-awaited feature is planned to be released.


    As for the Patreon campaign, it is going very well and the current revenue makes us able to fulfil the needs for the first step of our dream described above. If we want to move on to the next steps, we will have to increase the revenue. As said when we started the Patreon campaign back in October 2019, we will not increase the prices of the current tiers, nor move around benefits of a current tier to a higher tier. We are currently brainstorming what we can do to make our Patreon campaign more appealing for new and existing players. We have compared our Patreon campaign to other campaigns in the gaming industry and were surprised about the popularity of some campaigns (and the lack of content that they are giving back to Patrons).

    When we asked for your opinions about what you would like to see as a reward in return for your subscription, the most requested one is a custom skin for truck/trailer. While this seems like something we would love to provide, it is currently not viable to do with how TruckersMP is currently built. Apart from that, the price of infrastructure will increase exponentially.


    A $10 tier is something very likely to come to the TruckersMP Patreon campaign somewhere this year or early next year, but as said above, we are thinking what could be worth providing for such a tier. An early access system or access to testing environments is maybe possible, but feel free to bring up things you would like to see for Patrons. If you are a Patron, what else would you like to see in return for your subscription? If you are not a Patron, what things would make you consider becoming one? Feel free to let us know by replying to the forum topic linked to this blog (or reply to this topic, if you are reading this on the forum).





    Over the past years, you have submitted a huge amount of suggestions, which we want to thank you for. We have accepted, rejected and opened many suggestions for discussion. A lot of tasks for developers were made because of these suggestions. Sadly, we have never been able to give ETAs on when certain features can be expected. We plan to focus more on suggestions once we get our first paid Game Developer. It will then be easier to prioritise features and create a plan with deadlines. There is a possibility that we will ask you which things you want to see first. These can be little things like chat colours or displaying the tag in chat or can be major things like an economy system or maybe even something AI-related 👀.


    Some previously accepted suggestions may be reviewed again to see if they are still needed, so possibly some of these can be rejected. But we will do our best to explain why something gets rejected while it was accepted in the past.


    With this being said, on behalf of the TruckersMP Team, I would like to thank you for playing TruckersMP in the past seven years, sharing pictures, videos, suggestions, feedback and so much more with us. It will be nice to see you on the road again and I hope these changes will make your TruckersMP experience better.


    Game Producer

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    The season for hiking, going to the beach and having picnics alongside the weather getting warmer, we’re finally back in summer!
    We are happy to confirm our continued support for the 2021 summer season for the summer environmental modification on TruckersMP for both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. These mods enhance your gameplay by adding an improved summer environment alongside adding high-quality graphics that represent summer.

    In order to use this modification on our network, you need to follow a few steps which are a bit different compared to installing mods for singleplayer. You can find all the information on how to install the summer mod for the 2021 summer season on our knowledge base article:
    How to install the summer mod?

    If summer is not your style, it’s no problem as this modification is optional and not required to continue playing on TruckersMP. Similar to our support for other Grimes environmental mods, this modification is compatible with our ProMods servers so you can experience the enhanced summer gameplay all over TruckersMP!

    Looking back at the amazing Spring we’ve had where we celebrated our 7 year anniversary, saw the return of Real Operations and supported 1.40, it is time to move on and with this, we are disabling our support for the spring environment mod and this mod will no longer work on our network.

    Be sure to share all your best screenshots using the summer mod with us on social media platform by mentioning @TruckersMP on Twitter and @truckersmp.official on Instagram, who knows - we might even feature you!

    Thank you all for your continued support and we hope you have a good summer trucker,

    The TruckersMP Team

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  7. Dear players,

    Today we are celebrating seven years of TruckersMP! A multiplayer modification surrounded by an awesome community. Every tireless night of development has been worth it, and we are still going strong today.

    In May of 2020, we turned six years old and it was only right that we celebrated with a festival! The six hour festival was supported by our partner TruckersFM and we had a massive party. In June, we supported the Grimes Summer Mod which gave the community a summer experience on our servers! July brought us the very first Patreon Convoy which gave those who support us a chance to drive together and have some fun on the way.

    August then came around and we gave the community a chance to ask the Upper Staff some questions in the Summer Q&A. Everyone took great advantage of this and it allowed us to share some information on topics we hadn’t discussed before! Moving onto September we relaunched our Community Contributor program which was a huge success - it gave some of our online supporters recognition for their work and they continue to help us out every day. In October, we thought it was only right to celebrate with an Official Halloween Convoy and despite all the scary jump scares and twists and turns, it was a lot of fun for everyone involved. Also in October TruckersFM celebrated their fifth year anniversary with a big party!

    November was an exciting time for us, we opened and recruited for the Stream Team. This team was created to help improve interaction with the community on our streaming platforms and so far it has been a huge success, helping to stream all of our official events! In the last month of 2020, the wintery month of December, a wonderful time of year to give back. Last December we supported the RSPCA and the community helped to raise a huge £1,537 to support animals in need.

    In January we held our second Patreon convoy and we decided to head through the new DLC Colorado, we had fun and it was nice to bring everyone together. Then, something insane happened, we hit 4 million users in February. This was our fourth major milestone and we were so proud of this achievement - we look forward to continuing to grow with you all! In March we introduced a new feature, Alternating Vehicles and with the ability to vote, users can now come together and decide what vehicle they wish to drive for two weeks. Also in March we introduced a brand new event, the TruckersMP Tournament which put users to the test as they competed to be the winner of the competition through a series of different challenges. In April we moved Twitch channels and as a first stream we decided to give users the opportunity to work together to drive a truck in the Twitch Plays ETS2 stream. This brings us to now, May 2021 and we are just about to celebrate our seventh birthday here at TruckersMP. We can’t wait to tell you all about it next year!

    So, what is in store for 2021?

    We are planning some great things this year and we hope that this year can only get better following 2020. We have plans to create exciting community engagement through events and we hope that you join us on that journey!

    Thank you again for all your support and contributions last year, TruckersMP is an amazing place where everyone can come together in bad times and 2020 proved that. We appreciate every single one of you. Without you, TruckersMP would not be where it is today. We will continue to do our best to give back for all the support you have granted us over the past seven years.

    The TruckersMP Team

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  8. Dear Truckers!


    We have reworked our Forum Rules to make it more slimline and understandable. We encourage you to read what has changed so you are not caught out in any circumstances.

    What's changed?


    All of the rules have changed or been moved and you will notice there are far fewer individual rules than there were before which is because we have merged a lot into other rules.

    One major change is the rule "§4.4 Reputation Farming" which has now been removed after careful consideration to reflect our modern approach on the forums.

    Rule numbers have also changed so this means rules will now full under a different number than before.



    You can find all the forum rules here

    If you have any questions regarding the rules changing, please contact 'Community Moderation Management' through Feedback here.


    Many thanks and Happy Trucking!

    TruckersMP Community Moderation Management!

  9. Hello Truckers

    It has been a year since we launched our Patreon campaign. As you might know, we currently have 3 tiers. These are $1, $3 and $5. The ones who have chosen to “donate” $5 monthly, get in-game rewards. Those rewards are a coloured name and badge. Currently, it is not possible for the person who subscribes, to see their own name and badge. We will work on making this visible.

    Quite some time ago, we decided to make a Patron-only post to ask for their opinions, to see what they would like to receive in return for their monthly subscription. There was a big response to this and we think that multiple rewards are worth looking into. Aside from that, we have also been discussing internally what we can give in return for the subscription.

    As we just reached the milestone of having this campaign for a year, we got some more news regarding rewards. To celebrate the anniversary, we will bring a Patron-only skin (for ownable trailers) to American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. After a couple of weeks, this skin will be removed and a new one will be added. This newly added skin will then remain on the servers. Please note, those skins are only available for Patrons with game benefits.

    We are also working on a new piece of content which will be available to all players, but there will be extra content available for Patrons with game benefits; a fully custom set of trailers, with a large variety of customisation options built-in. All players will have access to these trailers and basic customisations, but Patrons with game benefits will be able to use an additional customisation pack for these trailers. These are expected in early 2021.

    Obviously, there are multiple things we would like to provide to you guys, things which are sadly not possible at this time of speaking. Though, we can assure you that we are looking into optimising our current infrastructure and solutions to provide these features to the community. Some examples of such things are VTC/personal skins and the new game mode which was teased a long time ago:

    VTC/personal skins: We are going to see a lot of skins when we bring this feature. Our current solutions can not handle this, which means huge reworks are needed. Having so many skins will also lead to bandwidth issues we will have to look into.

    New game mode: Due to repeated changes in the code (and us not having access to the source code), we have sadly not been able to provide the new game mode. Creating an own solution for this would require a lot of developer input for this. Sadly, the developers can currently not invest time in this due to IRL responsibilities and working on other things which are high priority. (Something more regarding a developer will be mentioned down below).

    Additional things that are in the works:

    • A whole different way to play TruckersMP, based on many suggestions from the community (for everyone in the community, maybe additional content for Patrons)
    • Early access program for Patrons
    • Hiring a developer to produce more content in the best possible way, so we can give more things to the community (the Patreon campaign is vital for this to happen, as we can only achieve this if we have a steady income for the project)

    We want to thank all of you for your continuous support.

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  10. Hey everyone,


    Today we are starting with a new concept in TruckersMP. We want to bring more diversity by adding new ways of playing TruckersMP.

    Of course, our main focus will remain on truck-related things. Hauling cargo together, creating events, … Over the past years, the community has created countless suggestions about bringing new vehicles to the game. Common things we saw are “please bring a new car” or “please bring buses”. Certainly, not everyone likes cars and similarly, not everyone likes buses.


    Behind the scenes, we have been working for a long time (years) on creating new ways to play our modification. We want to be transparent with the community by providing insight into what is going on. Development on the new game mode which we gave an update about early 2019, is still paused. This game mode is a long-awaited feature, but after doing a lot of research and development, we sadly realized that currently, it is not viable to bring this to the community. Though, efforts are being made to make it possible closer to the end of the year. Game Developers mwl4 and ShawnCZek are working hard to rewrite and improve our current systems, which would allow us to build the ‘new game mode’ in a better way in the future.


    Apart from these improvements, the Game Developers are also working on a new system that will improve moderation in the game and can create unique situations at the same time. This system will be used on Simulation, Arcade and Event servers. We expect to see this new system come to life within the next few weeks. Keep an eye on our social media to stay up to date.


    Anyway, let’s get deeper into the new concept we are bringing to TruckersMP now. As said above, we have had tons of requests from the community to bring new vehicles. The new concept will make this happen. Every two weeks, we will create a poll where the community can vote on which car they want on our servers. Patrons will have a separate vote which allows them to vote for a second car only available for them (for the Master Trucker tier only). The polls will happen on multiple systems. Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon (for Patrons only) and the TruckersMP website (a system we are still working on). Sometimes you will be able to choose between two or three cars, while other times there might be five or more. The chosen cars will be removed again after two weeks and replaced with the newly voted vehicles.




    How it will look

    Every two weeks, you will be able to vote for new vehicles which will be added to the game for two weeks.


    Today, 1st March, we will start the first poll which will be hosted on Discord. If you linked your Discord account correctly with your TruckersMP account and navigate to the #alternating-vehicles channel on our official Discord server, you will see that you can vote between the vehicles in the channel. You can also head to #roles, and clicking the blue car emote will give you the Alternative Vehicles role so you can stay updated on new polls. Patrons will be able to vote via a post in their #patrons-updates channel.


    On Friday 5th March at 22:59 UTC, we will check which vehicles received the most votes. The following Monday, we will then add the vehicles to our servers. A week later, we will start the new poll and the other above-mentioned steps, but the vote will then be on a different system. On 15th March, we will then remove the first vehicles and replace them with new ones. If you have purchased one of these special vehicles, it will be replaced with the new one automatically. The vehicles will either have the existing Scout interior or a truck interior, as it is not viable to create a custom interior for all the vehicles.


    Using this concept, we want to bring ‘something for everyone.’ Follow us on social media to stay up to date with new vehicle polls.
    Please note: We will do our best to stick to the plan, however, things may change along the way. New game updates or other factors might have an impact on this concept. If this is the case, please keep an eye on our social media pages where we will make you aware of any bumps along the road.


    We have worked hard for the last eight months to bring this new concept to life, and we really hope you enjoy this new feature within TruckersMP! Your feedback is always appreciated, so head over to the feedback system and select the category Community Management to let us know your thoughts. We cannot wait to see how the community reacts to and makes use of these new additions within the game, and we are excited to continue working on other features to bring later this year.


    Thanks for your continued support. Keep trucking!


    UPDATE March 2nd 2021: In previous revisions, we have not mentioned the Patreon tier eligible for an additional car. To remove this confusion, we have updated the article and highlighted the availability of Patreon-only cars for the Master Trucker tier only. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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  11. Hello truckers,

    On January 21st 2018, we announced that TruckersMP had hit an amazing 2 million users. On November 12th 2019, we announced that TruckersMP had hit an outstanding 3 million users. This is going to be insane, but we are proud to announce that today we have surpassed the 4 million users mark! This is seriously beyond our expectations! When TruckersMP was first created and established in 2014 we never thought this, at the time, a small project would become this popular with this many registered accounts. It seriously amazes us! So on behalf of the entire TruckersMP Team, we thank you for joining us on this journey and thank you for playing your part in our history. As we continue our work to secure a bright future for this project, it is important to never forget how far we have come and what we have achieved. So, let's take a look back at some of the major developments and achievements since the last milestone.


    • May 1 2019: TruckersMP turns 5 years old! - we celebrated our five year anniversary. Five amazing, wonderful and interesting years of work to build up this project to where it is today. Thanks to our fans, players and staff for all that they do to make this possible. It is not easy, but we have a superb group of people working behind the scenes.
    • July 2 2019: Road to Simulation - we decided to change our focus to return to our roots of true simulation. With this, we altered our server settings to create simulation and arcade servers so there is something for everyone. Launch of this was generally mixed but we saw more positive feedback being sent to us. We thought that it was important - that based on your feedback - we make changes to ensure that TruckersMP is going in the right direction.
    • July 13 2019: VTC System - considering Virtual Trucking Companies play a major part in our community, we wanted to be able to bring all VTC's together and make a dedicated feature for them. Within this new fully integrated system, customisable roles, ranks, VTC information, social media links, ability to post announcements, news and much more are available all within your own page right on our website. Feedback from this has been great and we're glad that company owners are enjoying it.
    • September 25 2019: ProMods here we come! - after years of our users questioning and asking, we have finally agreed to implement ProMods into the multiplayer experience. We were & are still so excited about this. Demand for ProMods has been high for years and it has taken a great deal of work to get to this point. We hope you love this new feature as much as we do! Our partners over a ProMods deserve a special thanks for making this possible, as well as our own development team.
    • October 2019: Official Partnerships! - we are delighted for this to become a feature of the community. Recognizing those special projects that bring so much to our community day in day out, contributing to TruckersMP in many ways to bring about an interactive, dedicated and active community within TruckersMP. A special feature that will bring with it exciting additions in the future!
    • October 2019: Patreon Launch! - to further support our internal projects and the servers, we launched a Patreon where users can pay a monthly amount to support us alongside getting some super cool perks!


    • May 2020: TruckersMP turns 6 years old... - another massive milestone for TruckersMP was with our 6 year anniversary where we ran a weekend of events in collaboration with Truckers.FM for the debut edition of “The Festival” event where truckers came out to a custom stage made by our Add-On Team alongside a drag racing strip! Truckers.FM also provided live music from presenters during the entire event.
    • July 2020: TFM and TMP in-game - a big development for our partnership with Truckers.FM was when we added commands in-game that would give you information on what was going on at TFM. We also added a custom radio box that you could see all this information on!
    • October 2020: Stream Team - a brand new team was introduced to TruckersMP for the first time in 2 years, the Stream Team! This team consists of members who are dedicated to stream on our Twitch channel.
    • September 2020: Community Contributor Relaunch - the Community Contributor program was reworked where the public could nominate members and we could promote those in our community who are dedicated and go the extra mile to promote TruckersMP.
    • December 2020, Event System - a long awaiting feature to be added was the Event System that was released in December where users could publish and promote their events they would hold on our platform. This was later integrated with VTCs and has obtained over 500 events in the first month!
    • December 2020: Christmas Convoy & Stream Team introduction - our second annual charity Christmas Convoy was held for the RSPCA where we raised over £2,500. Alongside this, it was the first time we saw Official Streamers go live!
    • December 2020: ProMods Canada - to end the month right, we expanded our partnership with ProMods to support their new Canada modification on day 1 which we were super hyped about alongside the community!


    • January 2021. VTC verification reopening - we reopened verification applications for those VTCs who are actively using our VTC system and meet the requirements with over 40 verified VTCs!
    • February 2021: 4 million users - Here we are today, a massive 4 million users on our network...

    We welcome another million users to this amazing community. We are confident that we will continue to grow and prosper in the future, with even more exciting features to come, even more developments to be made and even more fun to be had here at TruckersMP. A serious special thank you to our staff; we could not do this without you. You are the amazing group of people that keep this project running. We once again thank YOU for all your support as we continue this amazing journey. Truly, we could not do it without you.

    To celebrate this incredible achievement, we have some incredible giveaways coming up on our Social Media platforms, in-game and on the Forum! Keep an eye out on our social media channels on Twitter and Facebook.

    We look forward to seeing you at our next milestone, #TMP7.
    The TruckersMP Team

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  12. Hello everyone!

    A few weeks ago we announced that we are doing the final work on making ProMods compatible with our mod. Today we're happy to announce that the day you've all been waiting for is finally there. As of now you can fully enjoy ProMods online with your friends!

    ProMods release

    If you want to read a quick recap of what went down during the announcement you can find a summary as well as a link to the full stream here.

    How do I install ProMods to work with TruckersMP?

    TL;DR: You can install ProMods the way you are used to for single player in your mods folder of ETS2. The Only difference is that you don't have to have all the mod files active in your mod manager in-game (if you have, this is not a problem).

    A step-by-step guide on how to install ProMods can be found here.

    How do I join the ProMods server?

    After you've correctly installed ProMods you can join by selecting the dedicated ProMods server which will be recognisable by the name and the ProMods icon in the server description.

    ProMods server

    You can re-watch the final release trailer here.

    Have fun out there!

    TruckersMP team

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  13. Hello,


    A while ago, we started looking into possibilities for having more servers around the globe, for our community members who are located far away from our current servers. This weekend, we were able to provide a new server for you guys. It is located in Singapore, and should provide a good connection to people from a part of Asia and Oceania. We're planning to get at least three or four extra servers all around the globe.


    The arrival of the new servers was announced last year when we started our Patreon campaign. Being a Patron gives you exclusive access to certain features, and will give even more access to other things in 2020. New features will be announced on the posts page of our campaign, and via a blog post.


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  14. Hello Truckers!

    Community events are one of the most important aspects of TruckersMP, which is why we would like to introduce a brand new feature coming to our platform. This feature will help you greatly when organising events you create and want to attend, as well as provide an efficient way for you to quickly link your event to others.

    We understand how much the community would appreciate a single, central place for events where you can schedule your own, mark your attendance for others and keep track of the ones you’ve been to. This is why we believe you will love this new feature on our website that the developers have spent months perfecting; the Event System.

    Upon heading to the new area of the website you will immediately be able to see featured events, view all the events happening today if you suddenly feel like a drive with others, or pick events into the future you would like to attend. Keeping track of community events has never been easier.

    You can expect an easy to use homepage showing featured events...


    ...and easy to use tools to mark your attendance, along with much more!


    You can access the system by heading directly to or by navigating to the new section on the top bar of the website labelled “Events”.

    For an in-depth and thorough walkthrough of the system such as how to properly create your own events, you can read our How to use the Event System Knowledge Base article.

    Please ensure you follow the rules when creating an event, which can be found here.

    We hope that this major update to TruckersMP will be welcomed and appreciated by you, and don’t forget we are always open to feedback about the system!.


    TruckersMP Team

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  15. Hello truckers,

    We have received many questions on our social feeds about this, and today we are very excited to announce that we are supporting ProMods Canada on TruckersMP! If you didn't catch the stream, we joined some of the ProMods team for a drive through ProMods Canada on a private server. Watch this stream back here where the ProMods Developers answered some of the questions from the chat.

    Something different compared to how ProMods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 works on TruckersMP is that ProMods Canada will be enabled on all servers. Despite the fact it will be enabled on all servers, it is optional to use it on the servers. This means with or without ProMods Canada, you will be able to connect to any American Truck Simulator server. If you don't have ProMods Canada installed, you will be able to drive in the base game area but with ProMods Canada you can also drive in the mod area.

    Image from ProMods & TruckersMP staff drive

    How do I install ProMods Canada so it works on TruckersMP?

    Similarly to how it's done with ProMods on Euro Truck Simulator 2, you need to put the mod files into your normal American Truck Simulator mod folder as you would for installing single player mods. When you launch TruckersMP, the ProMods Canada files will be searched for, and it will automatically load the files (you don't need to worry about the mod manager). A step-by-step guide can be found here:

    Where do I download ProMods Canada?

    You can download ProMods Canada right now from our partner's website:

    What DLCs are required to use ProMods Canada?

    For ProMods Canada, you are only required to have the Oregon and Washington map DLCs!

    We look forward to seeing you driving around ProMods Canada!

    Happy trucking,
    The TruckersMP Team

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  16. Dear Players,
    Since May 2017 we have been publicly streaming TruckersMP on Twitch and amusing several hundred viewers per stream! We have realised that in the recent months we have not given our Twitch channel and community enough attention as we intended to do so. So we are very proud to announce a relaunch of our Twitch channel and also a new team to the TruckersMP community!

    We have set out some questions related to this rank so you can have a better understanding of this new team.

    A new team?
    Yes! This team will be in charge of doing regular streams on our Twitch channel! Their primary focus will attract more social interactions and bringing even more attention to the TruckersMP community.

    What is exactly happening?
    We will open the recruitment system, which will also be the place where you can apply to this team!
    For more information on what the exact requirements are for this position, check out this Forum post.

    Why do we need this team?
    Because we want to increase the interaction with the community on Twitch and we feel like having our own Stream Team would most definitely help us in doing so!

    The Community Management Team and Project Management have been working on this project for quite a while now and we feel like now is the perfect time to make this announcement. This team will increase the amount of streams you will see from us!

    What streams can we expect from the Stream Team?
    A large variety of streams. You can expect our Official Streamers to be at our Official Convoys that we host at TruckersMP! You can also expect simple driving streams where they may drive in a community convoy or around in our public servers.

    How will the recruitment work?
    The recruitment for the Stream Team will work the same as any other recruitment. Apart from the requirements that we ask from you, everything will be the same.
    We will open the recruitment for this position on the 27th of November.
    Check out this link for more information!

    Will we see, for example, Game Moderators in the Stream Team?
    Yes, you may see some of our current staff members streaming on our Twitch channel.

    Who will lead this team?
    Community Management will be in charge of the recruitment and management of this team.

    I’m interested in joining, what are the requirements to join the team?

    • Have good knowledge of TruckersMP and the rules
    • Must be a member of TruckersMP for at least 12 months
    • Must be registered on the TruckersMP forum for at least 6 months
    • No bans within the last 12 months
    • Must have no more than 3 bans at all
    • Must be at least 16 years old
    • Must have overall good behavior and reputation which includes in-game, forum, Discord, and our official social media pages if applicable
    • Language skills - fluent and intelligible English is necessary
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Resilient, active and flexible, able to work around a tight schedule
    • Ability to work well within a team but also to be confident on your own
    • Eager to learn and progress your knowledge
    • Organized and adaptive
    • Be able to accept constructive criticism
    • Be able to stream at a minimum quality of 720p and 60 FPS
    • Have previous streaming experience with at least a few viewers

    More questions?
    Contact us using the feedback ticket system under the category Community Management!

    Kindest regards,
    TruckersMP Community Management

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  17. Hello everyone,


    Sometimes, big changes to the TruckersMP project are needed. In some occasions, I as Project Manager have to step in (together with the Project Coordinator(s)) to make important changes to the project. We also need to do this, if a previous change need to be reverted, after taking the community opinions into account.


    Until this day, we did not really have to step in, and it was not made public in the past when we had to do so.


    This being said, we want to inform you that after reviewing all changes to save editing, we need to change something yet again. We have seen a lot of negative opinions regarding all those rules we had around save editing, and that we restrict the community too much. We have thus reworked the save editing section of the rules, and narrowed it down to only 1 rule. This change has been agreed upon, after discussion with the game management and other upper staff members, after a voice meeting we had recently. This change is also being done in order to avoid that our staff has to spend time on things that factually do not cause issues. This makes them also able to focus more on driving violations. Apart from that, it also reduced the confusion that many players had because of all the rules.


    You are now allowed to do save editing, as long as it does not cause harm to other users. I will now quote the new save editing rule:


    §3 - Save Editing


    Causing extreme lag or game crashes by save editing is not permitted. Extreme lag will not occur from duplicate parts unless the amount is truly excessive. If you save edit to create a very long trailer combination but cannot safely handle it, you are liable to be banned for reckless driving / blocking and recommended to remove the particular mod.


    I hope this will make a lot of you guys happy, who are really into save editing. Sadly, we can not please everyone, and people who are against save editing might be unhappy about this change. We have good news for those people too. In the far future (I can sadly not give an indication when this will be), it will be impossible for people to drive with save edited trucks on certain servers, due to how our infrastructure will function.


    Additionally to this, there are some other rule updates. You can find those by visiting the rules page on our website.


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  18. Hello truckers and happy holidays!

    As we approach the holiday season here at TruckersMP, our Add-On Team has been hard at work making modifications to celebrate the season. From today and throughout the season, you can expect to see a couple changes when playing TruckersMP.

    Holiday themed map edits

    When driving around in TruckersMP, you see that we have redecorated some cities for the special season. Our Add-On Team has created custom models that have been added in certain cities in-game. You can expect to see some Christmas trees, presents, and a few extra surprises!

    Here is something you would see in a redecorated city:

    Holiday map edits

    Holiday themed cargo

    Our Add-On Team has also created a custom cargo for you to haul! Similar to the World of Trucks presents trailer, we have a custom TruckersMP trailer with festive lights on.

    Holiday cargo

    We also have many more changes planned to celebrate the new year.
    We hope you have a very enjoyable and safe holiday this year.

    Happy holidays,
    The TruckersMP Team

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  19. Hello trucking fans!

    TMP meets Instagram

    Today we are introducing a new addition to our socials: Instagram! As of now you can follow the new official TruckersMP account on Instagram by following @truckersmp.official. Similar to our Facebook account, you can also use this to contact us, a member of our team will then respond to your message.

    What can you expect to see on our Instagram account?

    The new Instagram account will be used to share the great views of ETS and ATS online both by team members and community members alike.

    See you out there!
    TruckersMP team

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  20. Hello truckers,


    Today, we are pleased to announce another addition to TruckersMP: our very own Patreon.

    Patreon image

    What is Patreon?

    Patreon is a crowdfunding membership platform that helps creators while providing rewards to their subscribers. More information can be found on Patreon's about page.

    What does this mean for me?

    This means you can help support TruckersMP development and server costs while receiving exclusive rewards for doing so. You can join different tiers, each of which have additional rewards that go with it.

    How will I be recognized if I become a Patron?

    In addition to the rewards you receive, there will be a wall of fame on our website where all patrons are visible. Next to that, a smaller wall of fame will be visible accross the site where only the top Patrons will be shown.

    Furthermore, if you are a Patron, you will see a new section on your profile where you can see the current pledge, lifetime pledge and more. This section will remain on your profile unless you decide to remove the connection to Patreon.


    Note: You cannot connect your Patreon account to your TruckersMP profile if you are not an active Patron (even if you were pledging before).

    What about the tiers? What sort of things will I get?

    Information regarding this can be found here. Other than that:

    • The prices of the current existing tiers will not be changed in the future.
    • New tiers are planned eventually, but we need to prepare rewards for those.
    • Rewards of the current existing tiers are unlikely to be changed.

    How will I receive my rewards?

    1. Link your Discord account to your Patreon account in App Integrations.
    2. Select the tier you are interested in.
    3. Link your TruckersMP account with Patreon by heading over to your profile settings while under the Profile & Connections tab.
    Edit Profile
    4. The website, forum, Discord guild, and game client will automatically update with your rewards immediately.


    $5 Patrons can hide their colored name and badge in-game by using the /tg command. Bare in mind that this setting is reset back to visible every game session. The Patreon rank color is not final and will be changed in the future.

    Along with with the launch of our Patreon page, we have updated our policy (part 2.4.1). Finally, if you have any inquiries about this, please create a feedback ticket under the Community Management category. Thank you to all new Patrons!


    TruckersMP Team


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  21. Hey Truckers!

    In early 2018, we released the Community Contributor program on TruckersMP. Community Contributors are those on our network who produce quality content or help other users on the network. This is a way how we can promote those in the community who are continuously trying to make it a better place.

    Two years post-release, we decided to give the program a rework and make those users more noticeable within the community. Over the last few months, we have recognised some users within the community who we believe fit right into our restart Community Contributor program. Today, we are happy to announce these 8 members:

    • Dowmeister (Trucky)
    • NeofoxTTV
    • .Toast.
    • Xariel
    • OnurOzgunay
    • TheNorthernAlex
    • [S.PLH] Sgt. Pepper
    • Darwen

    We have just launched a new page for you to discover these awesome creators. Find out more information about these members and future members here.

    You can find these users around our network by seeing their "Community Contributor" role on the Forums, Discord, and in-game!

    Thanks all and Happy Trucking
    -TruckersMP Community Management

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  22. Hello Truckers!

    New year, new changes. Fresh into 2020, we’d like to announce some big changes that we’ve been making to TruckersMP which revolve around our rules, player punishments, and save editing. As many of you know, we have been steadily moving more towards a simulation environment since last year while trying to bring TMP back in line with the vision of ETS2 and ATS. Still however we face many users who only seem to be here to ruin other players' experiences. Below you can find an overview of the big changes that we’re making which should begin to address some of these issues.

    Major Rule Changes

    Ban History

    • The biggest change that we’re making is a modification to how we handle bans due to overall ban history. We are now lowering the amount of overall bans a player can receive in a single rolling year to five, with the removal of the 3 months due to history punishment, this will be effective immediately. This means that if you currently have 4 active bans on your profile, your next ban will be permanent should you receive another ban within your current ban history. If you currently have 5 bans, you will not be banned immediately under the new rule. Be aware that if you are banned again, it will be permanent so long as the active history supports it. Also, if you receive a secondary history ban at any time, it will be extended to permanent.

    Punishment Length Changes

    • In addition to the changes in how we handle ban history, we are also changing the punishment lengths for the offenses that are listed in our Game only rules. Players that are found to be breaking the rules will begin to receive much longer sentences than in the past. We are also becoming more strict on what we consider to be “kick-only offenses” as well. We ask that all players be mindful of how you choose to drive.

    Save Editing Changes

    Much of the save editing rules were done for added clarity, however there are a few big changes to the save editing rules:

    • We now do not allow users to mix different trailer types in doubles and triples.
    • We are lowering the amount of duplicated items you may have to one. This goes for both trucks and trailers. Strictly one per each.

    Following this announcement, we're giving players 7 days time to adapt to the new Save Editing rules you can find here. Additionally, we have made a specific guide to save editing which will explain in depth how rules work and some examples to let you understand what is allowed and what isn't. More can be asked to the Game Management through the feedback system.

    Happy Trucking,
    The Game Management

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  23. Hello everyone,


    Virtual Trucking Companies are a major reason why people play TruckersMP. Playing with others, discussing trucks, convoys and making friends. You can find VTCs in our English VTC section or the language VTC sections.


    The English forum section has been created years ago and there are over 9000 posts. We have received a lot of feedback from users who were trying to find a new VTC and failed because there is no proper overview. We have also received feedback from people who wanted to advertise their VTC in the VTC section but don't agree with our current requirements.


    Your feedback is important to us. In 2019, we launched our new VTC System on our website. Over 7000 VTCs registered and over 23000 people are a member of a VTC at the moment. This is a lot! We have plans to add more features to the VTC system, website and game-related.


    The website system allows VTCs to present themselves with a name, slogan, logo, descriptions, requirements, rules and much more. From what we have heard, this system is better than the forum sections.

    We will archive all forum VTC sections on February 2nd, 2020. If you own a VTC and haven't created a VTC on our system yet: Here is how. VTC owners can advertise their VTC in our Discord guild if they meet the minimum requirements. A rule update will be released shortly.


    Large VTCs can apply for verification and gain access to more features and greater visibility. You can find more information here. The requirements will be updated later this month.

    If you have questions, suggestions or general feedback regarding this update, please contact us using our feedback system here.


    Kind Regards,

    -TruckersMP Community Management


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  24. Hello Truckers!

    Virtual Trucking Companies are at the heart of the TruckersMP world, and today we have some exciting news to share with you! Recently, our developers have been working on a fully integrated Virtual Trucking system within the TruckersMP network. After numerous weeks of testing and tweaking, we are happy to announce the introduction of our brand new Virtual Trucking Company system!

    What is a Virtual Trucking Company?

    A Virtual Trucking Company (VTC) is a roleplay concept developed by the community to add to the simulation experience of the game. You can find out more about VTC’s here:

    What features does the new system have?

    Within our VTC system, not only are you able to run your VTC in a professional manner but also you can apply to various companies by submitting an application. Some of the features of the system include:

    • Customisable roles and ranks
    • VTC information, rules and requirements
    • Links to social media, including Discord.
    • Ability to choose which game(s) you support.
    • Ability to blacklist users from your VTC.
    • Ability to post news and announcements.
    • Verified status for your VTC.
    • Ability to open and close recruitment and view applicants.
    • Having a company being featured on the main page.

    How can I get my VTC verified, are there any requirements?

    In order for your VTC to have the verified status, there are certain requirements your Virtual company must meet, these are all detailed in an article found here:

    Please remember that we have the right to remove a VTC from the system if you fail to meet the requirements after your VTC has been accepted and added to the site.

    Please note, having your VTC verified is subject to your VTC meeting these rules and is discretionary by TruckersMP Community Managers.

    This system has been carefully designed in order to suit both VTC management as well as drivers and regular players. The system will develop over time to receive new features so stay tuned.

    We hope you enjoy the new VTC feature!


    TruckersMP Team

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